As a lady who has had her fair share of heartbreaks, sometimes I totally feel this love/relationship thing is not meant for me. Am I the problem or how do liars just come my way? (please tell me I am not the only one). So many lies, so I did a random sample among some sweethearts by asking them to tell me 2 lies a man ever told them. 80% started off with “I love you? (hmm… I have been there). A compilation of the responses:

  1. “I love you”.

I used to & I still believe these words are sacred. Why would you use them if you don’t mean them? These words are deep! If you don’t wanna go all the way with me, please don’t speak them to me.


  1. “You are the best thing in my world”.

This is betrayal at it’s peak! Words are personal and I replay them in my head endlessly. How can you look me in the eye say these delicate words and hurt me afterwards? It’s not fair.


  1. “I won’t disturb you with calls/messages, please give me your mobile number”.

All those who uttered these words to me ended up doing the exact opposite. It can be so annoying. I know ladies love attention generally speaking. But there are times its just not appreciated. Please know when not to cross the line.


  1. “I don’t like ‘Social girls’”

I once dated this guy who keeps saying he likes modest girls and he’s very glad am one; how flashy girls don’t attract him. Lo and behold uncle started stalking this “flashy/social girls” on all social media platforms. And when he starts spewing this lies from his mouth I just say why you lying? (in my mind sha) in Ycee’s voice


  1. “I will never lie to you”

Another line – another lie. Each time bros says this ehn, I prepare myself for the atomic bomb.


  1. “She’s just a friend.”

Epic one right here sweetheart! My girlfriend in Canada once told me how a guy she was dating kept using this line. Eventually, he told her he needed space and he started dating the just-a-friend. These men ain’t loyal!


  1. “Am just hanging out with the boys.”

My ex says this often and of course he always leaves out the part where another lady was with him. And somehow, I always get to find out.


Other lies:

  1. I will change
  2. I will marry you
  3. I will do anything to make you happy
  4. You mean so much to me
  5. Babe she’s the one calling not the other way round
  6. I will always be there for you
  7. I am never going to hurt your feelings

And then I put up a follow up question, “Why do you think men lie?” The following where the responses I got

  1. It’s embedded in their DNA and tell can’t do without it
  2. To protect their partner’s feelings and make them feel good about themselves

Ladies get in here, tell us two lies you have been told and Guys you are not exempted either



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